Lawrence Barriner II

"everything changes, everything is connected, pay attention." — jane hirschfield

"I believe in social dislocation and creative trouble." - Bayard Rustin

Photo Credit: Katherine Evering-Rowe

Photo Credit: Katherine Evering-Rowe

Lawrence is a communications strategist, connector, and systems thinker. He loves quotes, facilitating groups and processes, baking bread, feeding his worms, and cooking/eating good food with good friends. His current work includes communications and narrative strategy at the Community Innovators Lab at MIT and running a productivity coaching practice. His previous work includes food systems & food justice research and consulting, web design, and graphic design. He plays a lot of volleyball, keeps busy with a million side projects, writes daily, and has a weekly newsletter. He has an undergraduate and graduate degree, both in City Planning, from MIT.


Hit me up if you're interested in working together. 

Here's my CV in online and downloadable PDF formats. I only make résumés on demand for specific purposes. If you need one of those, ask me. 


Curious about what's going through my brain? I'm obsessed and keep track of (almost) everything. Check out what I'm reading (articles and books), watching, listening to, looking atthinking and writing about, cooking, and some of my sketches. Oh, and I LOVE really bad puns (sorry in advance).